Natural Life News • March–April 2017

with Dr. Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT


            Using bio-identical hormones is a preventive approach for building and maintaining strength, flexibility, cognition and immunity as we mature.

   Hormones control virtually everything about our physical and mental health. As the level of hormones declines in our body, so do we decline physically, mentally, and emotionally. By restoring these hormones to youthful levels, it is now possible to restore our youthful zeal and energy and to strengthen and bolster our bodies, as well as our minds!

            Sorry, hormones will not reverse aging. They will not keep us permanently at one age. We will still continue to age and lose cells secondary to a process that is regulated genetically. Using hormones, though, we can slow the precipitous decline that occurs after midlife. We will stay resilient. The purpose is simply to replenish the hormones that already occur naturally in our body and boost them back up to the appropriate, medically sound levels necessary to maintain youthful health and vigor. Which hormones to replace, how much to replenish, and how to adjust the hormones so they act synergistically is the art and science of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

            Goals of the Vital Life Program are to establish optimal hormone function along with superior nutrition, exercise, and ongoing detoxification. If we plan on being active for the rest of our lives, we want the best quality

of life and vitality with whatever quantity is ours. Using bio-identical programs in a preventative program is safe, well-researched, and cost-effective medicine for those proactive enough to enhance the quality of their lives in the future.


            Call Dr. Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT, for an appointment at (406) 586-1100. To learn more about services, visit Office at 704 N. 22nd Avenue, Suite #1, Bozeman. Facebook: thevitallife.

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