Natural Life News • Jan–Feb 2018

Life Enhancement with Dr. Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT


            Feel like you’re losing the spark? It could be due to age-related hormone decline! One model of aging addresses the declining levels of hormones over time, along with the declining sensitivity of the related receptors to those hormones. Hormones turn on the cellular machinery, and therefore, cause increased metabolism, protein synthesis, cellular repair and cell replication. This decline in hormone function begins noticeably in our 40s and will continue on throughout the rest of our lives. Many of the symptoms that we experience as aging are symptoms of declining levels of hormones.

            We may notice a gradual decline in immune function, loss of muscle function and strength, increase in fat mass, decrease in bone density, increase in age-related diseases, generalized weakness, impaired mobility, poor stamina, loss of energy, loss of sexual desire, atrophied muscles, or osteoarthritis. In time, overall physical frailty can result in falls, fractures, and impairment of activity, loss of independence, chronic disability, and an overall poor quality of life.

            By increasing the level of our circulating hormones, we can enhance the body’s vital processes that are related to optimal hormone function, like strength and stamina, lean body mass, sexual libido and pleasure, memory and ability to concentrate, resistance to infections, colds and the flu, an improved sense of well-being, and overall quality of life. Enhancing our hormones may also play a part in preventing age-related diseases like OSTEOPOROSIS, CANCER, HEART DISEASE and ALZHEIMER’S!

            Sorry, nothing reverses aging! However, Bio-Identical Hormones can slow down the process and help us maintain good health, especially when used along with optimal nutrition, and adequate exercise. We can certainly slow down the aging process to achieve less deterioration, less illness, and to feel and function better. This, my friends, is true PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE!

            I want to emphasize that these are Bio-Identical hormones, meaning they are exactly like the hormones your body produces. So the effects of these are identical to the effects of the hormones our bodies have produced for decades and for thousands of years.

            We know that the middle-age years are potentially a time for wonderful changes and experiences in our lives, such as starting a new business, new relationships, time with grandkids, and enjoying our time of service and play. We will get more out of our life at this time if our overall health, energy, and attitude are good.

            Unfortunately, many of our health-care providers have the apathetic view that we are supposed to die of cancer, heart attacks, or the other diseases of old age, and that our maturing years will be the inevitable process of progressive deterioration with, of course, the never-ending doctor’s visits and medications.

            If we plan on being active for the rest of our lives, we want to optimize our vitality, given whatever quantity of time is ours. Using Bio-Identical Hormones as a preventative program is safe, well-researched, and cost-effective medicine for those who want to be proactive enough to enhance the quality of their lives.


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