New Patients

Welcome to The Vital Life!

Our naturopathic medicine clinic is here to help you find joy in the process of your own healing, health education, and personal growth. Since this takes time, money and energy, please consider what you are willing to invest in yourself. Allow me to investigate what it takes to develop the personal habits of health and healing, and the therapeutic possibilities to support that healing. Then together we will assess when you should notice the fruits of your efforts.


Consultations are available at no charge for those interested in our Vital Life Programs or for Naturopathic care through this office. 15 minutes are available at no charge either here in the office or over the phone if you out of town.

The goal of the courtesy consult is explore if I can help, how long is it going to take,
and what is it going to cost.

Please call the office, 406.586.1100, or email me at
to schedule a consult time.

If your treatment is for a chronic challenge, please remember that your condition did not develop overnight. There are no magic bullets – only the miracle of the body’s capacity to heal itself! It requires time to make an evaluation and then proceed with your program. You may be under my care for several months or longer. Please dedicate the time it takes for your healing.

I encourage you to ask questions to make sure you understand what I do and what I ask of you. This is a team effort!

Address, Phone & Email

19 North 10th Avenue,
Bozeman, MT 59715


Phone: 406-586-1100
Fax: 406-403-0500

New patients, please fill out the new patient form consent for hormone therapy.  You may do so online or download & print.

Fees & Clinic Policies

Costs Associated With the Vital Life Longevity Program

It is expected that most people will keep their family physician. This is important because we are not diagnosing or treating any disease with you. We are doing health enhancement and proactive prevention.

Fees for patients doing the Vital Life Program:

First year professional fees, Dr Lang: $900.00 first year

This includes my initial consults, prescription writing, lab consults, and all follow ups in our office or on the phone. I encourage you to follow up with me as often as needed; sometimes, especially at the beginning of the program, that may mean a few times a month.

Your extra costs will include blood draws, all labwork, and all prescription and non prescription supplements, hormones, and medications.

Second year and ongoing professional fee: $300.00 per year

Your extra costs will include blood draws, all labwork, and all prescription and non prescription supplements, hormones, and medications.

Approximate laboratory testing costs:

First round lab testing: approximately $240.00 for comprehensive hormone urine testing and $200.00 for blood testing, including cbc, chemscreen, Growth Hormone levels, and thyroid function with Free T3.

Secondary, tertiary testing: $180 for comprehensive hormone testing done within that first year; $100 for blood testing of Growth Hormone levels and Free T3 (thyroid).

Hormone Costs:

All hormones except Growth Hormone: approximately $50-100/month; this would be for Thyroid, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Melatonin.

Growth Hormone only: $375 to $700 per month.

Print and return Consent for Hormone Therapy Replacement form