Directions to Use Arnica Montana for Trauma, Bruising, Surgery & Childbirth

The Vital Life, Michael Lang, ND ABHRT

Dosing: Arnica cannot be repeated too often.

1-2 doses before the event. 60, 15 min May use during the event if desired After the event.
-every 15 minutes after for the first couple hours. then mb 1 x an hour first day
Second day forward; 3-4 x per day till bruising pain gone.

How to deliver the medicine;

-pellets; 1-3 pellets per dose. Use what ever you pour out. Do not put back in bottle. Do not touch.

-In a glass of water; put 4 pellets in 8 oz water . may dose out of with plastic spoon.
1 tsp per dose
-In a dropper bottle: put 4 pellets in dropper bottle. Fill bottle 3/4 full. Let pellets dissolve completely. Optional add 4 drops vodka to preserve.

To use: 10 thumps against your hand. 1/8 dropperful (2-8 drops) per dose. Re “thump” before each dose.

Note: Nothing in allowed is in the hospital room without permission. Best to not mention. And be quiet about it.