Directions to Use Arnica Montana for Trauma, Bruising, Surgery & Childbirth

The Vital Life, Michael Lang, ND ABHRT

 How to take homeopathic remedies, Dosing options;

 -Pellets; 1-3 pellets dissolved under the tongue per dose. Use however many pellets you pour out. Do not put back in bottle. Do not touch pellets with fingers. Use as per dosing schedule below.

 -In a glass of water; not touching with fingers, pour out 4 pellets in 4 oz water, stir with a plastic spoon (metal spoon not recommended). 1 tsp per dose. Use as per dosing schedule below.

 -In a dropper bottle:   Fill bottle 3/4 full with non chlorinated water and add pellets as above. Let pellets dissolve completely. Optionally add 4 drops vodka to preserve. Use as per dosing schedule below.

  To use: “thump’ dropper bottle 10 times against palm of your hand. 1/4 dropper full (2-8 drops) under the tongue. “Re-thump” before each dose.

Dosing Schedule:

Homeopathic’s  are sensitive to antidoting (stopping action). No food or drink 15 minutes before and after taking remedy!

1-2 doses before the event (like surgery); 60 minutes before procedure and 15 minutes before procedure. 
May use during the event if desired.

After the event every 15 minutes for the first couple hours then maybe 1x an hour first day.

Second day forward; 3-4 x per day until bruising/pain is gone. May stop if pain subsides and repeat if it returns.

Arnica can be repeated often without toxicity.

Note: Outside personal medications are not allowed in the hospital room without permission. Best to not mention. And be quiet about it.

****Arnica tincture and salve are toxic for oral use! External use only! Not for open lesions or sores.

Feel free to call with questions or directions.

Michael Lang ND, ABHRT, Bozeman, MT, 406.586.1100