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A preventative approach for building and maintaining strength, flexibility, cognition and immunity as you mature using bio identical hormones for everyone.

We specialize in revitalization of the body and mind, reigniting the spark for your everyday life! 

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As the level of hormones decline in our body, so do we decline physically, mentally, and emotionally. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy will restore  hormones to youthful levels.  Restore your youthful zeal and energy and  strengthen and your body and mind!

Dr Lang, ND Naturopathic Physician

I strive for a common sense, nurturing approach to your health challenges. I focus on the least invasive, most cost effective primary health care programs. I choose therapies which are life-promoting, while avoiding the use of synthetic, expensive, potentially toxic medications that do not treat the underlying causes

Naturopathic Medicine Services

We diagnose and treat many conditions that impact the daily life of adults as they enter middle age.  Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is very successful with treating menopausal symptoms, low testosterone levels, thyroid balance, adrenal balance and other hormone imbalances .

We also provide medical weight loss, clinical nutrition, as well as acute care at The Vital Life clinic.

New Patients

Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the whole body.  At The Vital Life Dr. Lang follows a preventative approach for everyone. We’ve provided the resources for you so you are prepared for your first and subsequent visits.

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