THYROID: The Hormone Symphony Conductor

Natural Life News • Nov–Dec 2017

Life Enhancement with Dr. Michael Lang, ND, ABHRT


            Thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. It regulates body temperature (warmth), metabolism (energy), and cerebral function (mental clarity, prevents cognitive impairment). It increases fat breakdown (weight loss), protects against heart disease (lowers cholesterol, enhances cardiac function). As thyroid hormone affects every cell of the body, it is truly the conductor of our hormone symphony.

            People who suffer from low thyroid function (thyroid insufficiency) tend to experience fatigue, slowness in thinking and actions, forgetfulness, mental confusion, depression, arthritis-like pains, along with a susceptibility to colds and infections. Research has shown optimal thyroid levels will eliminate many of the symptoms of thyroid insufficiency and improve the QUALITY OF LIFE!

            Unfortunately, the biggest problem in the way of your receiving proper care for your thyroid is your well-meaning doctor. Usually a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is done. If the results are in the “normal” range, you will NEVER be given a trial of thyroid hormone, even if you have every thyroid symptom ever recorded. The new paradigm is to measure the free hormones (active hormone) in the body. Where the TSH is not even a thyroid measurement, we want to do a Free T3 and a Free T4, which tells the amount of the active hormone circulating.

            Correcting these deficiencies of thyroid hormone to optimal levels with NATURAL THYROID (Naturethroid, Armour, Westhroid) results in optimal blood levels, improved metabolism, and resolution of symptoms.


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